We support startups and scale-ups founders in their business development phase. Our goal is to help you define and execute successful go-to-market strategies, build strategic partnerships, and drive new business and profitable & sustainable growth.

We are the partner of choice for your company during your commercial growth phase.

With our international experience and passion for innovation and digital transformation, our main objective is to maximize your market opportunities with tailor-made support. Our areas of intervention include :

  • Framing and reframing your business strategy.

  • Developing innovative projects to acquire new customers - Example: digitalization of business models incl. adoption of AI.

  • Creating strategic partnerships and alliances to expand and consolidate your market position.

  • Setting up and developing your business and sales activities.

We bring you in-depth expertise in the Cloud sales strategies of AWS, GCP and Microsoft. What's more, our sales skills extend to a wide range of players in sectors and industries such as Software as a Service offerings, cybersecurity, cloud, data management and storage, OKRs, customer experience management, among others.

You'll be able to draw on all these strengths to achieve your ambitious goals.

Unlocking your Business Potential

Empowering startups and scale-ups from strategy development to operational implementation

Maximize your revenue and accelerate your growth | Build & expand your partner ecosystem

About Us

SMC Business Consulting is based in Zurich, Switzerland and operates worldwide.

You are looking for the best possible balance in building vision for the future while focusing in parallel on execution... Contact us !